BagBase: Put Colour in Your Life!

Our 2018 collection reflects more than 20 years’ expertise and innovation when it comes to developing products that perfectly blend fashion, fun and superb functionality. We’ve added 18 exciting new styles for this year, using everything we know about trends, retail, fabrics and colour to offer products with wide appeal and massive sales potential. TearAway labels add to their marketability, and whenever possible we’ve designed our products for easy and effective decoration too.

Fabric is a theme for 2018, so you’ll find eye-catching new products like our Reflective Roll-Top Backpack and Reflective Barrel Bag – different, durable and excellent for decorating. Our stunning Scuba products are also new and use the latest must-have fabric – and some clever design and manufacturing – to achieve a uniquely sleek, minimalist look. From faux leather to fashion-inspired Duo, this collection really showcases our ability to use exciting specialist fabrics to brilliant effect.

Styles and colours are also crucial of course, and this year’s collection has everything from Belt Bags and Backpacks to Gymsacs, Boardpacks and even a Sublimation Lunch Cooler Bag. We’re offering more colours and patterns than ever too, with on-trend greys, fluorescents, heritage tones and camouflage options all covered.

BagBase – Put colour in your life.

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